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Shark Fin

Guaranteed base returns, even in volatile markets

What is Shark Fin?

Shark Fin is BIT's premier structured product, offering investors a blend of principal protection and high yield. It guarantees a base return in all market conditions while presenting avenues for additional gains.

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BTC Bullish

BTC Bearish

Shark Fin Product Features


7 Days


5.5% - 18%

Investment Amount

Min. 50 - 5 Million

Invest in BTC & ETH market trends with USDT

Secure and worry-free fund custody

Low minimum investment with zero fees

Immediate interest calculation


Enhanced Returns with High Variable APY

With a variable APY between 13% and 18%, Shark Fin enables you to earn significantly above the market average when your price fluctuation predictions are accurate.

Leading Guaranteed Return

Enjoy an industry-leading guaranteed APY of 5.5% to 8%, providing stable income aligned with your risk appetite and outperforming traditional investments.

Unmatched Principal Guarantee

Shark Fin ensures your principal is fully safeguarded, irrespective of market fluctuations. It's the ideal choice for risk-averse investors seeking long-term stability.

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How does Shark Fin ensure principal protection?

Shark Fin offers 100% principal protection, shielding your investment from market volatility and ensuring your initial investment amount remains intact, regardless of market conditions.

What is Shark Fin's profit calculation method?

Shark Fin products fluctuate within a defined price range. If the observed price remains within this range, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and income are calculated based on the price movement within the range. If the observed price falls outside the range, the product settles according to the base APR.

Is Shark Fin suitable for risk-averse investors?

Yes, Shark Fin is tailored for risk-averse investors seeking stability and predictable returns. With its principal protection feature and guaranteed APR, it offers a secure investment option for those who prioritize capital preservation.

Does Shark Fin offer automatic renewal options?

Yes, BIT plans to introduce automatic renewal features soon, allowing investors to seamlessly continue their investment journey without the hassle of manual renewal processes.

How does Shark Fin compare to traditional investment avenues?

Shark Fin stands out by offering a blend of principal protection and high yield, making it an attractive option for investors looking to mitigate risk while maximizing returns. Its industry-leading APR and variable APR options provide opportunities for enhanced earnings compared to conventional investment products.

Can investors access their funds easily with Shark Fin?

Yes, Shark Fin offers liquidity and accessibility to investors. With its short-term investment options and low minimum investment requirements, investors can easily access their funds and capitalize on market opportunities as they arise.

What measures does BIT have in place for security?

BIT prioritizes security and peace of mind for investors. It employs robust security measures and utilizes secure custody solutions to safeguard investors' assets and ensure a worry-free investment experience.