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1. What is the difference between Convert and spot trading?
Convert adopts a much simpler trading interface that allows users to easily swap cryptocurrencies without understanding technical terms such as candlestick charts and orderbooks. Convert adopts the RFQ (request-for-quote) quoting method, which automatically selects the best price for the user. The price is held for a certain time period. There is no price slippage within this period. For more information on how to use Convert, please visit here.
2. How is a Convert trade settled?
Transactions are settled directly into your unified account. The process is usually completed within a few seconds of your order.
3. Where can I find my trade history?
You can click the "Order History" icon (top-right corner of the trading panel) to expand the trade history , or you can visit "Assets History" to view past Convert transactions.
4. Can I use Convert in a sub-account?
Yes, Convert is accessible to subaccounts.
5. Is there a fee for using Convert?
There is no trading fees to use Convert. The amount of tokens displayed on the trading panel is the amount of asset you will receive or pay after the conversion is completed. Please note that there may be a certain price difference between Convert and spot trading due to different quoting method.
6. What are the minimum and maximum transaction amounts per trade?
The minimum to maximum amounts per trade are displayed on the trading panel before you enter any values. The amounts vary across pairs and coins.
7. What should I do when prompted "Insufficient Balance"?
Due to the PnL fluctuations to your positions (if any) denominated in the chosen currency, "Available" displayed on the trading panel may not update as frequent as your actual available. If you receive an "insufficient balance" prompt, it is recommended that you reduce the transaction amount or make a deposit.
8. What are the requirements to use Convert?
You need to log in to your account in order to place orders. Currently, the portal only supports unified accounts, and is not accessible to classical accounts. Please complete KYC Lv.2 verification before you can use Convert or other trading functions.