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As we enter the realm of Web3, it’s all about monetizing your presence on social media and beyond.

BIT empowers you to leverage your influence and monetize it.


Step 1

Enroll in the affiliate program

Submit your application and our team will review your application to ensure you fulfill affiliate requirements.

Step 2

Start sharing your affiliate link.

Create, manage, and track affiliate links on BIT.

Step 3

Kick back and earn commissions of up to 60%.

You'll get a cut of every trade made by users who sign up through your affiliate link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about BIT’s affiliate program.

What is the BIT Affiliate Program?arrowIcon
BIT would like to invite you to become a BIT affiliate and share in the benefits by inviting more people to become BIT users. In this program, you can generate an exclusive invitation link and send it to your friends and community members,inviting them to sign up as BIT users and enjoy a share of the invitee’s commission on their trades.
Who can become a BIT affiliate?arrowIcon
If you are a veteran of blockchain and cryptocurrency, or a KOL in the crypto space, or an influential content producer, or have a wide network of traders, or a loyal fan of BIT products, you have the opportunity to become a BIT affiliate and enjoy a high commission if you meet any of the above points.
How do I earn from the BIT Affiliate Program?arrowIcon

a) If you are an affiliate

You can apply directly to become an affiliate by inviting new users to sign up and trade on BIT and you will earn a percentage of the actual commission paid by the invited user on the trades.

b) If you are an invitee

You may receive a commission rebate for signing up to BIT through the affiliate/sub-affiliate's exclusive link (the percentage of rebate depends on the percentage set by the affiliate/sub-affiliate)

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